Artist in residence: Adrian Schindler

From June 4th to 26th, Adrian Schindler will be in residence at SUPERDEALS with the collection of photographs taken by his great-grandfather during World War II, which includes more than three hundred snapshots. He has studied these images for many years and has often written about them, but he has written little about his relationship with them and even less about how others look at them. During these three weeks, he will receive at the gallery on an individual basis those who would like to consult these photographs and, if they wish, discuss them with him. These meetings will voluntarily not be documented, but will feed in a diffuse way a writing work of which a first draft will be presented at the end of the residency. This project consists both in exposing a family archive to the interpretations, desires and questions of others, in setting up a space of trust where contradictory feelings in response to this kind of historical documents can coexist, and in thinking about the possibility of writing in first person while carrying a multitude of voices. It is the first time that this collection will be presented in its entirety.



–> Adrian Schindler, “The vulnerability of the snake at the time of sloughing its skin and the figure of the German soldier”, June 23, 6-9pm.