Perruche situation #1: Bianca Baldi – Versipellis

January 26 – February 4, 2018

Opening Friday January 26 from 6pm

Saturday January 27 at 7pm : Lotte Arndt and Sammy Baloji in conversation with Bianca Baldi

Bianca Baldi’s solo exhibition Versipellis marks the beginning of the Perruche series, a new art program by Goethe Institut Brussels in collaboration with SUPERDEALS. The exhibition is part of Baldi’s long-term research project “Zero Latitude” (2012-present) that started in Brussels while the artist was reading the personal diaries of Colonial explorer Henry Morton Stanley at Africa Museum Tervuren. Her works take symptomatic events from the repertoire of Western European imperial history as a starting point to question their economic, political, geographical or mythological entanglements. In Versipellis she restages historical documents, setting the objects and images in scene as indices which reveal the seductive potential of the shifty image to transgress boundaries.

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Organization and conceptualisation: Jana J. Haeckel

supported by Goethe Institut Brussels