Zoe Paul

September 2018.

Julien Creuzet

 L’âme, dans poitrine, oiseau-tonn, PERRUCHE 2018

Bianca Baldi

Versipellis, PERRUCHE 2018.

Anna Steinert

‘Let me wink at you with my lousy pupil’s curtains’ 2018, Germany.

Lucile Desamory

“Pasigrafia”. 2018, Belgium

Felix Walser

Laureate, Open Call resident 2017. Germany

Greg Wood

“I thought of you” September 2017. Australia.

Magdalena Kita

‘The Flesh of Your Sons and Daughters’ May, 2017, Germany.

Army of Love

“Recruitment of the Army of Love” April.

Francis Raynaud

LUPA, March, 2017. France.

Carla Donauer

Rootless Rocks and drifting stones, organized by Carla Donauer, with: Olga Pedan, Veit Laurent Kurz, Inga Danyzs, Ani Schulze, photo: Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Germany, 2017.

How to paint a Horse

(names in order of Individual works) Anastasia Bay, Matthias Dornfeld, Tom Król, Walter Swennen. W. Cooper, January 2017. photos: Ilse Raps

Andrew Gilbert

From Old Idols a new Butterfly Rises. December 2016, Scotland. photos: Stefaan Schuebe

Lola Bezemer

Volte-face, November 2016, Netherlands.

Petr Svolba

Missing Saint Teresa, May 2016, Czech Republic.

Magdalena Jitrik

The Foreign Excellent Trench-Coat, August 2016, Argentina.

Erika Krause

TAG ALL,  March 2015, Germany.

David Örn Halldörsson

Take It Easy Mountain Face!, July 2016, Iceland.

Clara Broermann

New Paintings in Old Light, April 2016, Germany.

Artist Club

Coffre Fort| WALVIS AT MIDNIGHT, March 2015, Brussels.

Robin Vanbesien

citizen without qualities, February 2015, Belgium.

Rene Stessl

Le Resto des Egoïstes, September 2015, Germany.


May 2015, Germany.

Nick Bastis

August 2015, USA.

Michael Petri

The Art of not Making, July 2015, Austria.

Mariola Groener

D.I.S PLAY, October 2015, Germany.

Janek Simon

BRUSSELS RESEARCH YOGA, November 2105, Poland.

Ištvan Išt Huzjan

An exhibition with Marko Tadić, Marko Tadić didn’t write about, April 2015, Slovenia.

Eric Giraudet

YOLO > TOMORROW > Just es Just, March 2015, France.

David Peschka

Desktop Performance, February 2015, Austria.

Ben Cottrell

Delicate Skeleton, September 2016, England.

Sally Lewis

Landolphia, October  2016, England.

Samuel Fouracre

Psychopathia Sexualis, 30 September  2016, England.

Benjamin Husson

variations on human passions, September  2016, France.

Sibylla Dumke

Solo presentation, (first 3 images): Parts of my woods II,  —————————————————————– Curated show: La vie des bêtes, with Sibylla Dumke, Sebastian Dacey and Almut Reichenbach. January  2016, Germany.

Gotscha Gosalishvili

HALLO?, December  2015, Georgia.

Dominic Wood